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Why can't we all get along?
Just because I have bangs and look sad, doesn't make me emo or goth. I'm just disappointed with what the world and society have come to. All of this hate, all these stereotypes, all this racism and classism, all this war... it is destroying all the bonds that keep society from falling apart. If it continues as it has been, people will no longer be able to trust one another, and the world will become a living hell. So I only have one question: Why can't we all get along?
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Propaganda of Acceptance
This is Propaganda. He loves music, especially alternative rock. He plays bass and drums. No, he is not the most well-drawn character you've probably ever seen (mostly since I'm not a very good artist, but also because he's just a doodle that I did in my math notebook), but I drew him to help convey a message, probably one of the most important messages for people these days to here: the message of acceptance.
Propaganda believes in the "Rebellion", which is the fight against prejudice in society. It's easy to be part of the "Rebellion". Just be accepting to all people (within reason), don't discriminate, and don't use words that single out certain groups of people when they aren't absolutely necessary to use (gay, nerd, geek, retard, etc.).
The beliefs of the "Rebellion" are called Propagandism (I created this phrase; Propaganda would never name something after himself), which is not a religion, but a system of belief that can coincide with a religion.
Propagandism needs more supporte
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How I lost my first life
"As you know, when leaders become leaders, they receive nine lives from Starclan. When they lose a life, they pass out, to wake up later with one of their lives missing. This is the story of how I lost my first life.
One day, I was feeling very energetic and brave, so I decided to follow the river that crosses my territory to a waterfall that was at its end to catch salmon that were swimming up it. This proved to be a very foolish idea. I fished for a long time, and caught many salmon. As I was preparing to bury the salmon so I could leave to get some of my clanmates to help me carry them home, I spotted a grizzly bear stealing some of them. Not just a normal grizzly bear. This one was HUGE, with a full set of teeth that all rivaled my two long front fangs, and paws that could kill a tiger (or lion or leopard, for that matter) in one swipe. I was too enraged by his stealing of my fish to notice this, though. I leaped at him, teeth bared, but he caught me and threw me into the rushing r
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How Moonkit lost her mother
"I am a leopard, have a clan name, and live in LeopardCan, but most wouldn't guess that I wasn't actually clan born. My old name was just "Moon", because I was born on a full moon .
I was born on LeopardClan territory, but I was not of LeopardClan, or any clan, for that matter. My mother, Star, was a loner, wandering through the forest in search of a better shelter than the last one she had lived in. Her mate had died before I was born, and she never had a chance to tell me about him. This is because she died.
I don't remember the small, small details of her death and the night she died, seeing as I was still very young, but I remember the basic events of the night. It was snowing, and my mother picked me up and treaded through the snow into a cave. I was very tired and hungry, and began to cry. My mother comforted me and fed me, and soon we were asleep.
We had only slept for a few minutes when we were awakened by the sound of growling. It came from the back of the cave. It was rapidly
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The Death of Saberstar
" One night, Hawktalon, TigerClan's deputy, was returning from a hunt. He walked be Saberstar's den. Suddenly, a quiet voice said "Hawktalon! Come in to my den. I must speak to you." It was Saberstar. Hawktalon entered the den.
"Hello, Saberstar," said Hawktalon. As Hawktalon's eyes adjusted to the darkness of the den, he saw Saberstar laying on a bed of moss. The stench of sickness filled the air. It was obvious that the old leader was dying.
"Greetings, Hawktalon," the old leader rasped, "I know what you're thinking. You know that I will soon leave to join StarClan. I know you want to call the medicine cat, but I'm not worried. I'm much too old to be leader for very much longer. I was getting tired of the job."
Saberstar was right. Hawktalon had been about to bolt from the den and get the medicine cat.
Saberstar spoke once more, "It is time for my spirit to join StarClan. And that means you will be the new leader of TigerClan."
Although Hawktalon knew that when Saberstar died, hew wo
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I recently have been reading a lot of web comics. Especially "Blip". I think that one is really well done.

But anyway it just makes me wish I had any artistic talent. I can play music and write really well, but I just can't draw. At least not the way I want to draw. I can draw stuff that isn't moving, but when it comes to cartoons and stuff that involves action of any sort, I'm stuck.

And my scanner broke. So I can't upload any new stuff. Like my "Steampunk Giraffe" for the One Million Giraffes contest.

Not that anybody reads my posts or looks at my art anyway. Because I don't have a lot of talent.


Firestar779's Profile Picture
Erik Glasrud
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I love music, anime, manga, and cats.

I am in the Edison High School Tiger marching band, and I'm proud!

I believe in peace, love, and worldwide acceptance. I hate stereotypes, mostly because was a victim of them.

I am a competitive swimmer, and I'm pretty good.

I like to take photographs, write, play music, and sketch.

I'm pretty shy, and I'm not the type of guy who wants to constantly switch from one girl to another. I have a girlfriend now, and I am extremely happy with her, although I wish we could see each other more. Because of her, and my other friends, I am gradually gaining back my self-esteem that I lost several years ago.


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